Dental Health vs. Nutrition

Although for us it is something that we have always been clear, it seems that for the bulk of the population it is not. We talk about the proven fact that good nutrition favours good dental health. A balanced diet protects our teeth and the health of our teeth. Through some nutrients, our teeth will be stronger and in better condition. Not only the teeth, but also the gums and mouth in general. In today’s article we will deepen that close relationship between dental health and nutrition.

The bidirectional relationship between dental health and nutrition

We will say it clearly, both good nutrition affects the state of our mouth, and the state of our mouth to our diet. Having a healthy mouth with dental pieces in excellent condition will allow us to eat any type of food. And in turn, eating well, varied and in a balanced way will make our teeth an unassailable fort. Obviously, maintaining the necessary hygiene and brushing. In addition, good chewing will make the food reach our stomach optimally, helping good digestion. Therefore, it is not just maintaining proper dental hygiene to have beautiful, white teeth and not have to pay for fillings and other interventions. But this also helps us with general health, since it affects almost everything else. Our teeth are more important than we think.

Bacteria and sugar: Decay and gum disease

Every time we eat, we drink a soda or water our mouth comes into contact with numerous bacteria and agents that together form the bacterial plaque. In it, these bacteria are helped by sugar and other substances found in food to produce acids that attack enamel. Bacteria continuously attack the tooth, so they are the cause of tooth decay and other ailments that can be avoided with proper hygiene and brushing. Other pathologies can also occur such as periodontal diseases, which affect the gums and, ultimately, the tissue that supports the teeth.

While it is true that maintaining correct and methodical dental hygiene helps you avoid problems, it is also a reality that people who consume foods high in sugar, or diets where this ingredient predominates, favour the appearance of tooth decay. Regardless of the good hygiene you have. Therefore, we recommend avoiding high sugar diets. Especially, when foods high in sugar are ingested between meals, such as typical sweets or candies.

Beneficial foods and other tips

  • Foods such as nuts, cheese or vegetables form a protective layer that helps teeth neutralize the acids in the bacterial plaque.
  • Reduce consumption of foods such as raisins, honey, chips and candy, which are sticky and fibrous.
  • Candies, chewing gum and pills, always in unsweetened versions.
  • Alcoholic drinks and teas usually have a high concentration of sugar.
  • Try to avoid soft drinks and soft drinks outside of meals, as they contain phosphoric acid, a great threat to our mouth.
  • The consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish favours our oral health.