What do your teeth say about you?

What is the first thing you notice when you meet a person?

In the hair, the eyes, the mouth … The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words and that could not be righter. In the world in which we live the image prevails and the way in which we show society about our principles or ideas. Our whole body contributes to the image we offer abroad, from our movements to the physical aspect itself. And in this context, our mouth plays a fundamental role.

With a smile we can say a lot about ourselves, even more than using words. We smile to be happier, or because we are. We smile to provoke positive emotions in others, to forgive us, to fall in love or even to lie. But not only does the smile speak for itself. Our teeth and our personality are closely linked and our teeth can say much more than we think.

The shape of your mouth can define your personality

Numerous experts have focused their publications and studies on discovering the relationship between the characteristics of our teeth and our way of being. Here we share some of his conclusions:

According to the type of teeth

  • If they are perfectly aligned, they imply a personality with determination, controlling but with a good heart.

  • The crooked lower teeth denote a more introverted personality.
  • Very small teeth are usually characteristic of friendly, smiling and intelligent people.
  • Very large incisors are related to talkative people and in a good mood.
  • Pronounced canines are common in conflicting and problematic personalities, with a tendency for discussions.

According to the shape of your mouth

  • The full lips are typical of generous people, while thin lips and glued to the teeth are more typical of thrifty people.
  • If the corners rise up when you smile, you are a positive person. On the other hand, if they lean down, they reveal greater inner sadness.

It is important to clarify that there are no medical studies or scientific evidence on this relationship between teeth and personality, but it is interesting to test whether these statements are met, for example, with people around us. 

Dental aesthetics, very important

In our clinic we have always been clear that dental appearance and aesthetics is very important. Just as we have talked about personality based on our mouth, the state of it can also affect us inversely. An ugly mouth can depress us and worsen our overall appearance. Something that our professionals are prepared to solve with the best and most innovative methods in our dental aestheticcabinet.>

Now that you know all this about your smile and way of being, why don’t you try to analyse yourself in front of the mirror?