implantes dentales en cordoba


Dental implants allow you to replace one or several missing tooth roots. Implantology consists of placing a titanium support in the alveolar bone, this replaces the root of the lost tooth and a crown is inserted over it. In this way the patient recovers double the functionality of the lost piece, that is, the ease of chewing and aesthetics.

Currently, thanks to computer-guided surgery, it is possible to place dental implants in a single day safely and accurately. Oral implantology is aimed at the replacement of some lost tooth roots through a titanium roll that would support some type of prosthetic rehabilitation. Depending on the type of implant and the patient's situation, there are technical variations.

At Eduardo López Dental Clinic we have the best dental implants in Córdoba. We work with the best suppliers that offer us the best materials and we apply the best implant techniques so that our clients have the best results.

Throughout the history of dentistry and medicine, various materials have been used in the process of making implants. At present, only titanium is considered optimal due to its mechanical strength, compatibility with the human organism and its osseointegration with bone tissue (biological welding between bone and titanium).

In our Clinic we have technical equipment that allows us to make a very precise study of the bone and assess the situation accurately to be able to plan dental implants.

In the three-dimensional reproduction of the bone we choose the appropriate type, diameter and length of the dental implant and set the most appropriate orientation to the current situation of each patient./div>

We place the implant without surgery using the latest technologies.
The waiting time varies between 2 and 5 months, depending on the bone and teeth that will be placed later so that the bone cells grow and mature around the titanium surface of the dental implant.
After the time of integration of the implant with the bone, moulds and measures are taken to make the crown. In just a week, the tooth is placed.
This type of implantology allows implants and fixed teeth to be placed in less than 24 hours. The patient can, in this way, recover the aesthetics of his smile and the functionality of his mouth in just one day. In this procedure, implants and fixed crowns are placed on said implants in the same procedure, thus minimizing waiting times. Right from the first day, from the moment the patient leaves, he/she has "permanent teeth".

When there is a dental loss, negative changes occur in the mouth. Both aesthetic and functional problems arise.
The teeth adjacent to the lost tooth move, with negative consequences for the mandibular joint and other teeth. The bone that no longer receives the forces from chewing, undergoes a process of gradual resorption in height and width, which makes it difficult to place dental implants.
The implant is placed under local anaesthesia and no pain is felt. It is normal that after the effect of anaesthesia, at 6 hours, you feel discomfort and at 48 hours the area is inflamed. With the usual treatment of analgesics and anti-inflammatories there are no extraordinary discomforts.
It is a treatment that has no particular complications. In general, it would be the same as when a tooth is extracted.