Dental aesthetics in Córdoba

Dental aesthetics is the part of dentistry that is responsible for correcting all alterations in shape, colour and dental position to achieve the aesthetic harmony of the mouth as a whole.

Today wearing a beautiful smile is a reality! We offer various treatments to restore and solve any kind of dental problem and obtain a complete and properly aligned denture to be able to eat, speak and enjoy excellent oral functioning.

We work with the leader of integral systems and products for implantology and restorative dentistry.


Dental crowns and bridges

Crowns are complete coatings of the tooth. The crown, on a tooth is called a "stump", which is intended to functionally and aesthetically replace the crown of the original tooth. The new metal-free porcelain crowns have replaced the old and dated metal-porcelain crowns in the aesthetic areas of the mouth. This allow us to achieve a much more luminous and natural appearance, in addition to eliminating the problem that arose when gum recessions occurred with the consequent appearance of a black halo around the tooth.


Veneers and aesthetic mask

There are situations in which the aesthetics of the incisors can clearly improve their external appearance through veneers. This consists of restorations that cover the entire front face of the tooth, usually used in the anterior sector, whose purpose is almost always aesthetic. They allow us to improve the aesthetic appearance of our patients in a remarkable way, since they are able to modify the shape, position and colour of the teeth even in difficult cases.


Aesthetic fillings

At Eduardo López Clinic we have all the types of composites necessary to achieve a perfect function and look. The composites are a filling material (white fillings) that allow us to perform reconstructions of teeth in aesthetic sectors avoiding resorting to other less conservative alternatives such as crowns with total coating (covers). The great advances in the quality of these materials allow us to make a reconstruction that is completely camouflaged in the tooth on which it sits getting the perfect look.


Dental fluoridation

The prevention of dental decay not only includes good oral hygiene and moderation in the consumption of sugary foods and beverages, but, at the same time, it requires a good pattern of dental fluoridation. It involves administering fluoride, both for its prophylaxis and for its treatment, especially during the period of development of the definitive tooth (from birth to 13 years).

Its incorporation into enamel makes teeth more resistant to the action of acids released in the bacterial plaque. This fluoride incorporated into the enamel generates a new structure: "the fluorapatite", much more resistant to decalcification.


Teeth whitening

The teeth whitening treatment consists precisely in removing tooth stains. It can be performed on a set of aesthetically compromised teeth or a single tooth that may have darkened after a root canal or dental trauma. The intensity of bleaching will depend on each patient and their particular colour that should be studied by the specialist to determine the expectations of bleaching.