Periodontal disease: gingivitis and periodontitis

When we talk about periodontal disease, we mean those conditions of the periodontium, which is the set of tissues and fibres surrounding the tooth, holding and protecting it. It is formed by gums, the periodontal ligament, the root cement and the alveolar bone. Gums are the tissues that line the arches of the jaws, surrounding the neck of the tooth and joining it through an epithelium that acts as a sealant. They constitute the visible part of the gum. Like the teeth, the gums have been exposed to disease. When these tissues become inflamed and/or infected, they are altered, allowing

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Dental decay: A condition too common

The teeth are formed in its most superficial layer by enamel, which protects the internal tissues of the tooth from external aggressions. Although tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in our body, it does not prevent it from deteriorating or being affected. If this occurs, it is necessary to treat it to avoid the occurrence of dental pathologies that lead to major complications, such as dental decay. What is a tooth decay? One of the main causes of tooth enamel deterioration, beyond the wear and tear caused by one’s use or age, is the decrease in the pH of the

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Prevention and oral hygiene

Both the teeth and the rest of the present structures in the mouth are formed by living cells. The action of external agents, such as infections or trauma, can cause the tissues that form and support the tooth to become ill and / or deteriorate. Not only natural teeth need to be checked periodically. Patients who are using any type of dental prosthesis should also undergo revisions in order to avoid gingival recesses, friction and discomfort that can lead to major problems. If we pay attention to our oral health and take care of it as we should, we can

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The mouth and the teeth: Key aspect

Beyond chewing, gestural and aesthetic function, the mouth is one of the most versatile parts of the human body, being necessary to develop different and diverse functions. It is the starting point of the digestive system, through which food is ingested and prepared for swallowing. It also intervenes in language, through the joint articulation of the lips, tongue and teeth. In addition, the mouth participates in a secondary and complementary way in breathing. We can’t forget that it also captures the sense of taste, allowing the perception of flavours and greater enjoyment of food, provided we have good oral health.

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What do your teeth say about you?

What is the first thing you notice when you meet a person? In the hair, the eyes, the mouth … The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words and that could not be righter. In the world in which we live the image prevails and the way in which we show society about our principles or ideas. Our whole body contributes to the image we offer abroad, from our movements to the physical aspect itself. And in this context, our mouth plays a fundamental role. With a smile we can say a lot about ourselves, even more

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Teeth whitening: Origin, benefits and contraindications

With the passage of time, the intake of food and other factors (poor hygiene, blows, snuff …), the white colour of our teeth is lost as the years progress. This fact is not something that determines the state of one’s health, but with its use, the enamel and other parts of the tooth are darkening. It is a natural process that can rarely be avoided, but it can be treated. Professional teeth whitening is a real and affordable solution for all those who wish to have a whiter and brighter smile. That is why today we come to talk in

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Dental Dictionary (Part I)

As you all know, one of our favourite sections in the communication we carry out in our social networks is the Dental Dictionary. From Eduardo López Dental Clinic we always try to transmit all the knowledge we have about dental health to our clients and followers, so that they can understand many of the treatments and actions that we recommend in our clinic. That is why almost a year ago we decided to start the section we came to talk about today. A kind of dictionary where we explain terms that we use in our technical language in a simple

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Benefits of dental aesthetics

The smile is a universal means of communication that any human being has, so their care is very important since it is your letter of introduction to the world. The majority of people we know dress and care to have an appearance that they like. They choose a haircut, an aesthetic, a type of clothing, colours, styles … they define features of their personality. A facade that is completed with our mouth and smile. Our teeth are part of that aspect that we take care of so much and that is why, apart from having them healthy so that we

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Dental Health vs. Nutrition

Although for us it is something that we have always been clear, it seems that for the bulk of the population it is not. We talk about the proven fact that good nutrition favours good dental health. A balanced diet protects our teeth and the health of our teeth. Through some nutrients, our teeth will be stronger and in better condition. Not only the teeth, but also the gums and mouth in general. In today’s article we will deepen that close relationship between dental health and nutrition. The bidirectional relationship between dental health and nutrition We will say it clearly,

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