Teeth whitening in Cordoba

Has anyone ever told you that a day without smiling is a day wasted? Well, they’re right! Our smile is one of our main trademarks, so we better take care of it as best we can. Therefore, teeth whitening is one of the best gifts we can give to our smile and ourselves.

The bleaching treatment is one of the most demanded today, for which we are more than prepared thanks to our great team of professionals and the advanced teeth whitening technologies that we have.

We use the best teeth whitening techniques

At Eduardo López Dental Clinic we use the most effective, comfortable and painless teeth whitening technique. Combining a 45-minute clinic session using an LED light and an activating gel, with domestic sessions. At home, tooth whitening with splints and whitening gel can be applied for two weeks.

Based on our own experience, through these teeth whiteningtechniques we obtain the best results. This treatment, together with our involved team of dentists in Cordoba assures you guaranteed results.