Benefits of dental aesthetics

The smile is a universal means of communication that any human being has, so their care is very important since it is your letter of introduction to the world. The majority of people we know dress and care to have an appearance that they like. They choose a haircut, an aesthetic, a type of clothing, colours, styles … they define features of their personality. A facade that is completed with our mouth and smile.

Our teeth are part of that aspect that we take care of so much and that is why, apart from having them healthy so that we can feed ourselves well, we increasingly care more about their appearance. We want them white and bright, well placed evenly, without damage or breakage… Our dentures and their care are already part of the aesthetic, that is why aesthetic dentistry or dental aesthetics make perfect sense in the current times. Today we want to talk to you about the benefits it has and define perfectly what it is.

What is aesthetic dentistry?

We talk about a discipline of dental health that employs specific techniques that focus on the goal of having a perfect denture. In search of the best smile, there are a number of treatments that help you make your teeth look flawless, and therefore have a beautiful smile. To give a basic example and one that we all know, tooth whitening is one of those techniques we are talking about. The wear and use of our teeth cause them to lose their original white colour to become darker or yellowish. With teeth whitening, the teeth recover part or almost all of their original tone, offering a fantastic appearance.

Teeth whitening with Philips ZOOM

There are more techniques that work, for example, aspects such as visual harmony of the mouth or dental asymmetry. For example, we have porcelain or composite veneers that reinforce the appearance of your teeth, leaving them free of imperfections showing the denture with its natural and original appearance.

Benefits of dental aesthetics

As we have said before, the main benefit of dental aesthetics is that of appearance. Following the aesthetic dentistry treatments your smile will look prettier than ever, with all the positive aspects that this implies. But apart from physical benefits, there is also self-esteem. Since having a healthy and beautiful smile can change your mood, make you feel good about yourself, it shows just how important a smile is.

In addition to aesthetic aspects, health is also reflected with these treatments. Since in order to work on a person’s dental aesthetics, their teeth must be in perfect condition. So indirectly our specialist will be controlling at all times the state of our teeth. The perfect smile is not only the beautiful one, but also the healthy one.

Our dental aesthetic cabinet

In our clinic we have a dental aesthetic cabinet equipped with the best technology so that our patients can enjoy the best dental dentistry services. We work with the leading brand in integral systems of dental aesthetics, implantology and restorative dentistry. These are all the techniques:

  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Aesthetic face veneers
  • Aesthetic fillings
  • Dental fluoridation
  • Teeth whitening

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